Sawyer oars have been coveted and cherished by rafters and drift boaters alike for over 50 years. Our oars have a feel and response like no other and have been proven on whitewater rivers worldwide.

Wood Oars

Made continuously since 1933, SMOKERS are our solid Northern White Ash wood oar. Ash lends strength, flex and durability to an oar along with natural beauty. A full length tapered shaft and slight crown tapered blade offer excellent balance and flex, a feeling unavailable in a composite oar. Made in a variety of lengths and blade profiles to fit your rowing needs.


Solid White Northern Ash lends strength, flex, durability along with natural beauty to SMOKER Oars. A full-length shaft taper offers excellent balance and flex, while the slight crown on the blade power face provides more efficient strokes that feel smooth and controlled.

Squaretop Oars

Sawyer SquareTop Oars are absolute favorites with fishing guides and others who spend nearly every day on the water. Tapered full length laminated Douglas fir or solid Ash oars that have been wrapped in carbon fiber or carbon fiber X-Weave down to the blade. This combination makes these oars considerably stronger while maintaining the unduplicated feel and progressive flex that only tapered wood shafts deliver.

Complete your oar setup with oarlocks, oar stops, tethers, and more.