Hand Crafted to YOUR Specifications.


There are many options to satisfy your Drift Boat itch. There are many other companies offering what we call “Clorox Bottles”. Production run, plastic and fiberglass boats that are made as quick and cheap as possible. Those boats will do just fine, they’ll get you down the river and if you’re lucky, may even land you a few fish. So, why choose Reliance Wood Craft, LLC? Well, several reasons; Prestige for one; Owning a wooden boat is not like owning a Clorox Bottle. It comes with a WOW factor. When you remove the custom cover after a road trip to your favorite river and start getting your boat ready to take you safely down the river, you will definitely have some on-lookers. You’ll probably get tired of answering all the questions and you may even get tired of showing her off. Then you’ll launch her and begin your trip down river. That’s when you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of wood, the craftsmanship and attention to detail what went into every aspect of your boat. The warmth and motion of a wooden boat is indescribable. It has a gentleness that goes hand in hand with being on a beautiful river or lake. Strength and durability; fiberglass boats are comprised of a lightweight core sheathed in a layer of fiberglass. Once the fiberglass layer is damaged, water gets in and begins to go to work. Core rot and delamination will weaken the bottom and create costly repairs. Our boats are constructed by using solid, British Standard 1088 Marine Grade Mahogany Plywood. Notwithstanding the extra protection layers of Fiberglass, Kevlar and Epoxy, this plywood alone can last years directly exposed to water without delimitation or rot. Our 3/8” sides contain 7 alternating grain pattern layers with ZERO voids, thus giving it its certification, the ½” bottom has 9 layers. The hulls are reinforced with beautiful Ash or Oak Gunwales further adding to its strength.

Our Standard Designs

The Toccoa

The Toccoa is our standard design, though there is nothing about the boat that is "Standard". At roughly 14 feet 6 inches from the Stem to the stern she can carry the helmsman and two passengers down any river they choose. Her high sides will keep you dry with room enough for all your gear.

The Hiwassee

Our Flagship Model. Like the Toccoa, the Hiwassee is the same length at 14 feet 6 inches, though she carries more beam with a breadth at the chines of 52″ and at the Sheer of 6 ft. A beamer boat to carry more gear in style. The Standard Layout includes the Dry Boxes and Pedestal Seating that is an option on the Toccoa. With all that extra room designed to keep delicate gear high and dry.

The Clinch

The Clinch is our Skiff Model. The skiff is a modified version of the McKenzie River dory. It is on the smaller side of the driftboat spectrum at 15’ overall, but it is big in performance being lightweight. It has three pedestal style seats enabling walk around access in the boat. It has no forward kneelocks, and as such has excellent visibility and space to sit fishing down.

Trade Ins

Are you looking for a new boat? We take Trade Ins to help offset the cost of a new boat. Contact us to see about getting a fair price on your trade in.

So you’ve looked around and want a new boat, What’s Next?

First is to get a QUOTE, then you’ll probably be wondering about our payment schedule. No, you won’t have to pay upfront, but since we do have costs involved in starting your project, we do ask for some money up front. The link below will define our payment schedule and what you can expect from us during the build process.