Who Are We?

Reliance Wood Craft, LLC was founded by Steven Peck and Chris Petersen; two former US Navy Submarine Veterans that served together over 20 years ago on board the USS Simon Bolivar, SSBN 641 during both the Cold War and Desert Storm. We both have turned our passion for woodworking and the water into a successful business producing beautiful custom heir-loom boats. While we have several standard plans to choose from, the enjoyment comes from the challenges and customizations by you, the customer. Each boat we produce is a one of a kind, there are no two alike and are only limited by the imagination. Reliance Wood Craft, LLC is creating a custom, handcrafted boat to your specifications. We meticulously select all wood; we mill, shape and craft each component of your boat by hand. We will ensure your project is completed to the highest standards. While we expect your project to take about 2 months to complete, we will ensure quality trumps time and it may take longer. However, take comfort in the fact that you will have a showpiece that will last a lifetime.