RelianceWoodCraft would like to introduce Blue and Pud.

Blue and Pud are both rescue dogs.

Blue came from SHARP, our local rescue. They said that Blue was in such bad shape that it was debated wether or not it would be best to put him down. He was hit by a car, crippling one of his back legs, deeming him “no good.” His original owners negligence resulted in Blue’s malnutrition, heart worms, mange, loss of teeth, open sores, etc. Blue is a gentle giant. He will always have a limp and will never have all his fur but we LOVE him. His favorite place is his futon on the front porch.

Pud was found in a graveyard in the Cherokee National Forest, gracing the name PUD….aka Pushing Up Daisys. The local vet said she looked about 6 weeks old. She loves hanging out in the boat shop, playing in sawdust and, the endless amount of wood scraps. If you decide to come visit us at RWC, Pud will meet you at about 80mph. She is currently learning commands but is still puppy crazy. 

Put with her first Rat

We are all very proud of Pud for killing her first rat. GOOD GIRL!!!

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