The first boat is nearly complete. Steve has been putting in extra hours while I had to head back to work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico to replenish the “kitty”. We’ve asked our good friend and local Professional Guide “Tic” to take her out, with us of course, to put her through the paces. I should be home soon, we have a few more items to tidy up, then we’ll hit the river. We decided to wait on paint and interior finishes until the “Float Test” to make sure we don’t have to change anything or keep the scuffs on the shiny new boat to a minimum. Once complete, this boat will make its rounds to several local guides before being sold. By the way, if you are interested in a new, hand-crafted Drift Boat, this one is for sale. Please contact myself or Steve to ask about the great deal or click below to email us at

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